Jim Schwartz

Personal Real Estate Corporation

I moved to Tofino in 1976 and have been here ever since. Fishing brought me here as well as  career as an artist. Boy how things change.  I’ve worked on the boats and on the docks catching & processing various types of fish. but the fishing Industry  is no longer here……  however I have done many things just to prove I was flexible. Yoga  was one of them besides opening a waterfront welding shop, building a barge grid, working as the municipal works superintendent,  doing odd jobs.
Involvement in the community I’ve been a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a director of the Chamber of Commerce, nine years as a city councillor, with eight years on the affordable housing committee. There’s still nothing affordable.
In 1992 I became a realtor planning to be an artist as well. that’s what I’ve done ever since. I’m certified as a commercial realtor with an a associate broker’s license.
Over the last 24 years experience has given me a great deal of insight into how things work on the municipal and government level as well as the nuts and bolts aspect of developing planning and building various properties in tofino and ucluelet.
I have owned property & resided on the waterfront in the harbour as well as Chesterman beach which gives me some administrative insight regarding owning waterfront rights to various types of oceanfront properties.
As a buyers agent or sellers agent I’m pleased to work with anyone interested any buying all types of property, be it residential, commercial, oceanfront, recreational or remote access.
I offer honesty, knowledge & experience, due diligence and full disclosure.
The West Coast is truly a dynamic Exciting place with World class landscape beauty……. A great place to call home.

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